Phantom Twelve Specifications

Phantom Twelve Manual

Three Phase Four Quadrant DC Power Controller
  • 380/525V Three Phase AC Supply
  • 440/600V, 40 – 1500A DC Output
  • Internal P I D control

The Phantom 12 is a three phase 4 quadrant fully regenerative converter designed to provide high performance control of DC motors.

The Phantom 12 is characterised by it’s ultra dynamic response, system orientation, diagnostic features, ease of maintenance, compact size and advanced technology.

Major Features
  • Adaptive current control
  • 3 term PID speed control
  • Phase advance and retard
  • Link selection of armature or tacho feedback
  • LED indication of 6 normal conditions
  • LED indication of 8 fault conditions
  • Comprehensive remote signalling
  • DIP switch programmable stop mode

The Phantom 12 control cards are available as a rack system enabling us to interface to a customers existing thyristor based rectifier stack.

For further information on this controller please contact us or download any information available above.