Phantom Four Specifications

Phantom Four Manual

Two Phase Two Quadrant Field Controller
  • 220/380V Single Phase AC Supply
  • 180/310V, 30A DC Output
  • Internal P I D and Spill over control

The Phantom IV is a dual purpose controller designed to operate either as a two quadrant DC brake or for exciting DC motor fields. With regard to the latter, it is possible to configure the controller to operate in the field spillover mode. When used as a straight field exciter it will accept either a voltage or current reference.

One model caters for all the single phase ranges.

Two dual thyristors in isolated packages, configured as a DC bridge ensure chassis to mains isolation. The speed of the DC motor, armature or field, is controlled using linear closed loop circuitry with either armature \ field voltage or tachogenerator feedback. The armature \ field voltage is isolated from the control circuit by a high impedance buffer. A ACCT derived, current feedback signal, galvanically isolated from the control circuitry, completes the current loop.

Major Features
  • 220 or 380 vac supply voltage link selectable
  • Field supply selectable for 220V AC or 380V AC
  • On board high speed fusing of field and armature
  • Torque reference input
  • Single board simplicity, bolts directly on SCR’s

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