Phantom Three Specifications

Phantom Three Manual

Three Phase AC Phase Angle Controller / Motor Soft Starter
  • 380V 3 Phase AC Supply
  • 380V, 30A – 3000A AC Output
  • Adjustable Bypass Relay Output

The Phantom 3 AC phase angle controller is designed for solid state, reduced voltage starting of three phase squirrel cage induction motors.

The Phantom 3 may also be used as a phase angle controller for inductive and resistive 3 phase loads.

Major Features
  • Adjustable ramp, torque boost, minimum and maximum output
  • Adjustable voltage and current loop stabilities
  • Phase rotation/loss interlock with led indication
  • Potentiometer settable current limit
  • Stack over temperature sensing
  • Adjustable relay output for bypass contactor
  • Configurable for current of voltage ramp with or without feedback

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