Adjustable P, I and D terms from face of module
Dedicated terminal for enabling of Integral term
DIN rail mounting
Powered from 220V AC


This is a full non indicating 3 term process controller providing Proportional, Integral and Differential control to the controlled process.

Input terminals accept a Setpoint voltage(REF) and a process variable voltage(F/B)
The output voltage is representative of the error existing between the Ref and F/B modified by the PID action of the unit.

Front adjustable trimpots provide adjustment of the P. I. and D characteristics to suit the controlled process.
A third input terminal enables or disables the Integral action.

A dual +15v 0 -15v stabilized dc power supply rated at 50mA is provided for powering up external transducers.  

The module is powered  from either 230v or 110v AC and is din rail mountable.